Marriage in Bojnice Castle -  fairy wedding ceremony that you can experience only in our place.

Thanks to brilliant magnificence is the Golden Hall great place where you can spend one of your most beautiful day. Under the golden angel ceiling couples from all over the world say their Yes. They exchange their wedding rings and kiss each other as a sign of their love.


Wedding ceremony 337 €
Wedding ceremony if one of the betrotheds is a citizen of Bojnice (40 % off) 204 €
Wedding ceremony if both of the betrotheds are citizens of Bojnice (60 % off) 138 €

How to arrange:

1. Visit the Registry at the City Hall in Bojnice, where you book the term.

Matričný úrad Bojnice
Sládkovičova 1
972 01 Bojnice

Telephon: 00421 / 46 / 512 16 07

2. If you arranged the formalities and settled the cheque for hire then you visit the castle to conclude a contcract of hiring.

SNM-Múzeum Bojnice
Oddelenie marketingu a služieb
Zámok a okolie 1
972 01 Bojnice

Phone: 00421 / 46 / 5430 624, 5430 633

Office hours

Registry at the City Hall

Monday 7:00-12:00h       12:30-14:45h
Wednesday 8:00-12:00h       12:30-16:45h
Friday 7:00-12:00h       12:30-13:30h

Slovenské národné múzeum - Múzeum Bojnice

Monday        Museum management meeting, internal affairs  
Tuesday - Thursday  8:00 -12:00 h    13:00 -15:00 h
Friday 8:00 -12:00 h