The Golden Hall

The Golden Hall is the most representative room in Bojnice Castle. The angel ceiling is gilded with gold foil, the walls are decorated with the most precious pictures of Bojnice Castle. 


Wedding ceremony 337,00 €
Wedding ceremony if one of the betrotheds is a citizen of Bojnice (40 % off) 204,00 €
Wedding ceremony if both of the betrotheds are citizens of Bojnice (60 % off) 138,00 €


Castle moat  

Spacious open space of castle´s moat is a convenient place for organization of events in the open air for larger groups of people.


Hire for cultural-social events for 1 day: 1250 €

The rent includes operating costs based on the character of the rent.

The bookings for room hire send in writing to the Department for Marketing and Services ( ).